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I'm 26 years old and have 2 beautiful daughters...

I'm 26 years old and have 2 beautiful daughters and one busy little guy. They have really done a number on my stomach. I continue to workout doing zumba 4-5 times a week. The tummy just doesn't show any improvement. If anything, its just getting saggier the more weight I lose. My surgery is scheduled for April 4. I am very excited, but also very nervous because I have never been under anesthesia before. I just worry about the effects it will have on me.


Ya your telling me he he! At this point, I just want it done and over with. Over the weekend I was getting ready to go grocery shopping. I couldnt even wear anything that I own without me looking like I'm 6 months pregnant. Its so depressing I hate it. I cant wait until I have a flat tummy again ! :-)
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Damn, I feel like I just wrote this! Except I have 2 kids. I am booked April 4 too and freaking out about the anesthetic part of it. I have never had it before. Let's keep in touch so we can go through with it togeather. Do you know what time yet? Mr doc's office said I wont get the time until about a week or so prior.
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Thats crazy that our story's our so insync. I'm not sure when my time is either. My pre-op visit is March 23rd. I should find out then. Thank you for replying to my review. Its great to have someone to go through this with.

3 weeks till TT surgery. I am having a little bit...

3 weeks till TT surgery. I am having a little bit of anxiety about the pain to come. I have been through a c-section and I heard that recovery wasn't going to be too much different. I'm mostly anxious for it to get here. Feels like time has came to a stand still.


Hey ash84! Did you have your TT done yet?? I am 3 weeks tomorrow! Doing great :-)
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Hi Ash, Farz! I also had FTT on Monday, but it still seems surreal. I was super anxious and emotional right up until the sedation meds kicked in, but I am thinking that 5 days post-op is better than anticipated. How are you ladies doing/feeling? What is your support netwrok at home like?
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