I Just Want to Get Breast Implants to Make Me Feel Better About Myself - Evansville, IN

I have been thinking about getting breast implants...

I have been thinking about getting breast implants for a few years now. Im just not sure if I can get them, do to my thyroid problem. My thyroid dosent work an that is why I am 31 I am 4 ft 5 in an whigh 75 pounds I am like this because my hormones are not right an being this small I wasn't sue if I could get Implants an I really hope I can because I have like no boobs.

I hope you can get them done and be happy as well! Im 25yrs im 5'2 n i weight 90 pounds so I was worried about the samething thinking maybe im too small to get a BA but surgeons have told me yes i can... Good luck to u n keep me/us posted please!

Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf! Are you currently on hypothyroid meds now and are your thyroid levels stable?

Here's what some doctors say about surgery for someone on hypothyroid medication.

Hope this helps!

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