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I received Botox for the first time for my frown...

I received Botox for the first time for my frown lines and lines across my forehead-3 days ago.Quick and painless.I started to notices slight changes the 2nd day..line across forehead almost gone and frown lines alot less noticeable-but now the 3rd day I have a very high arch in my eyebrow which I never had before-my friends say I have that "joker" "evil" look now. Is that the result I am suppose to have and if I don't like the arch that high can anything been done right now to change it?

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Sounds like your provider also added some botox to the tails of your eye brows not just the 11's and forehead. If to much is added you will get a very high arch. I only get 2 units on each tail to raise the eye brow just a bit.
Your provider should hear about your displeasure.
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Hi Evansville,

Thanks for the review and welcome to the Botox community. I'm sorry that you are not currently satisfied with your procedure. You might want to check out the answers to our doctor Q&A, How fast does Botox work, hopefully it will help. Please keep us updated.



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