Lipo Done on Belly, Stomach, Flanks and Inner Thighs. Bad Idea to Get Lipo on Bra Fat?

Hi all,I had lipo done on my belly, stomach,...

Hi all,

I had lipo done on my belly, stomach, flanks and inner thighs.

I also wanted to do lipo on my bra fat. The surgeon though told me not to do it, as it is very painful, near nerve endings and it more risky than the areas I had treated. As I understood that he did not feel comfortable doing this, I agreed with skipping this area. But I still would like to have these done.

Any advice or experiences very welcome. Or maybe there are other methods? Thanks
March 9th I had my implants replaced with Memory Gel silicone (LOVE them) and I also had lipo on the lateral chest wall. The area that the sides of my bra covers.
It was a little tender, but I am very happy with the results. Went from a 38 bra band to 36. Looks much smoother from the back.
I just had lipo done on my upper and lower abd, flanks, and bra line all at the same time and out of all these lipo areas the bra line was the least painful. hhmmm. I'm sure you can get this part done by itself though.
I have heard that it is ok to do on its own... but not at the same time as the other parts of your abdomen. Has to do with blood supply or something. Thanks for sharing... I am having similar areas done on 7/22. Post pics when you can. SO exciting!
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