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My otoplasty did not work. I had rebound of ears...

My otoplasty did not work. I had rebound of ears asymmetry and burns behind my ear.Doctor basically did everything wrong.The doctors here on realself decided not to answer my questions for no apparent reason. For them I guess boob jobs are more important. Basically i don't think this review will ever reach to any other potential patient because doctors don't want you to know the bad things because they are loosing money if you don't go through with it. I ll publish this review elsewhere though so people can see what doctors really are!!!!
Hi Stefan,

Thanks for sharing your story and I'm so sorry the surgery didn't work out for you. :( Your review will help others to make a decision on surgery, so please keep us updated on your progress as you continue to research your revision options. Photos are super-helpful too, if you feel comfortable sharing them.

The doctors in the Q&A forum answer on their own time, so it can take a few days to receive a reply sometimes. I see that you've gotten an answer now. If you need to post a follow up or ask anything else, please feel free. The community is here to support you and help you through your journey.

Please let me know if you need anything.

All the best,
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