Chin Implant Too Big! Can't Close Mouth! - Europe / UPDATE 2 monthes

Hello,I had genioplasty by implant 3 weeks ago,...

Hello,I had genioplasty by implant 3 weeks ago, size is really what I expected; it's a subperiostal coral implant, which will become definitive bone after 5 months, with little resorption.

Depth is 8mm, was the biggest size of this model (from 5 to 8mm) I think that mentalis muscle was well re-suspended, as my lower lip is perfectly competent and rises good. edema has gone almost completely

But chin skin is tight now , and I really wonder if skin and muscle will extend enough to allow lower lip to regain the 6mm needed to close mouth. What are the chances , should I start specific exercises?
Some soft tissue excess remains as you can see on lower left part

Hi Richard -- I'm sorry to hear about what your going through. :( Has your doctor said anything about your unusual results?


Update : 9 wks after surgery , profile XRay...

update : 9 wks after surgery , profile XRay showing implant starting to incorporate into bone
but problem keeps the same for lip competence : due to implant volume , impossibility to join lips , and chin is slightly sagging. gingival sulcus is too deep ,and mentalis muscle will surely need to be resuspended , but now tissues seem to have gained elasticity enough to allow resuspension
any advice regarding this surgery is welcome. I like this implant , don't want to remove it (anyway , it's bone now..). What is the best delay to leave tissues heal before cutting again? is it better to do local surgery (just upper mentalis resuspension) or tu split all layers again till submental area in order to tight everything up correctly (due to slight general ptosis of chin tissue)
a list of Dr doing this properly in US , if not in europe?

Ps : date of XRay is not updated in my camera ...

ps : date of XRay is not updated in my camera ...
have you had and consultations or gotten this fixed? I would like to know because I have the same issue.
did a muscle resuspension and implant removal in USA ... 70% fixed only because a lot of fibrosis at the moment of surgery , will go back soon to try to have a definitive result
Hi Richard, when did you have the muscle resuspension in USA? Can you share with us what doctor did it, and what state he is in? Did you say the result was 70% successful? Is your lower lip more full and sits up higher now? would really like to hear an update, as I too have this same issue.
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