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I am 39yrs young, I have had these toxic PIPs for...

I am 39yrs young, I have had these toxic PIPs for 5 yrs and found out a month ago due to the PIP scandal , what a horror .. oh God why now ):... I'm getting ready for an IVF cycle in June. I must say I started to feel constant pain 2 year ago in one side of my bbs...and noticed something was not ok with the implants, I noticed they started to moved. Since then I intended to have them removed but back then Doctor's x said ... "well there is no need to get them out"....very funny uhh... I have read about the ill effects of medical silicone so I am not going to risk my IVF treatment ,I want to have a healthy baby "I hope" I decided to take them out next week and I'm not having replacement. My body may already be struggling from the result of the bad quality silicone that is in my body, I have had also problems with general illness, alergies etc... I 'm wondering if there is a direct connection with it. I will be keeping an update of my progress. Other ironic issue... t kind of surgeries here... are not 100% cover by the medical insurance ..just and in case your life is at risk, so then the insurance is not going to cover all the costs ,incredible ... uhhh...despite all the evidence and scandal PIP. Seems to me they are playing and experimenting with the public heatlh.

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I'm glad you're getting those things out. I hope you feel totally healthy and restored afterward. And good luck on your IVF. That is super exciting!

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hi meganlili.

so sorry that youre having all this trouble with your pips and wanting to start your IVF. a complete pain.

i had my explant this monday. i had my implants 12 years ago and one had ruptured pretty badly. i have healthy children and at the time of their births the implants wouldve been 8 and 10 years old, but when i had my babies i didnt even know that my implants were toxic! i had many problems with my second pregnancy and in retrospect, who knows if the implants caused this? (my baby was born healthy).

well done for arranging your explant for next week! i'm sure you will feel better, both physically and mentally. for me, having the pips removed and not replaced was a very easy decision. the thought of having toxic waste in my body for the past 12 years and ive had two children makes me so angry. you cant trust anyone it seems.

lots of luck. xx
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