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Botox around mouth area. Went into other muscles....

Botox around mouth area. Went into other muscles. The whole area weakend, new wrinkels, creepy smile, my face looks years older now.

The doctor did not inform me that this could happen. I avoid mirrors, hate myself for being so stupid (was the first time with botox) and I would advise everybody to never ever use this Poison.

I'm so sorry to hear about what is going on for you. :(

I had a tiny, tiny bit of botox on my upper lip several months ago and didn't care for it at all. I can only imagine if more had been used that I would have really disliked it as well.

I'll be hoping it moves through your system as quickly as possible.

Have you found it difficult to eat or drink due to your lips not moving like the always have?

Although the Doc assured me that I would not feel any discomfort I have difficulties drinking, whistling, pronouncing the letter w and some others, but much, much worse is the fact that due to atrophy of the muscles around the mouth/chin area, the skin is aged and uneven, hate the look...and of course my smile is gone and just an imitation, causing new wrinkles where there were none before. It is the first time I in my life that I know how it feels to really hate somebody (the Doc who did that to me) . Now I´m in week 9 after the procedure and count every hour, every day , hoping my skin will survive this torture.
Thank you very much for the warm welcome. To read about others here helped me a lot in times when I was just desperate and lost. Just wish I had known what I know now !!

Altough it seems, noone shared a similar...

Altough it seems, noone shared a similar experiance, I try to keep you updated :-) Still no improvement, maybe tiny around the lips , but it is still a bit early to expect miracles, after 8 weeks. I do Accupuncture which helps a bit to take away the tension from false muscle movement. But all in all the nightmare will probably go on for a while. Blessings for all going thorough the same hell of regret, pain, fear and depression ....
Hi, samrtpixie how are you doing?
Had botox eight months ago, and ive been through hell also, I now have small bags under each eye, that has caused me regret, depression, anxiety, even thoughts of suicide from been so stupid in trusting the RN who said all I needef was just a little botox for fine lines. I didnt need it at all. To late now huh.. I had anxiety headaches for 2months. I thought I was dieing. I try to avoid the mirror as much as possible. Hateing myself everyday of my life. Now looking in to lower eyelid surgery. If it hadnt been for my believe I nm God, I would of been lost my mind. Never again will I touch this poison!
Hi notgivenup, thank you so much for yor comment. I know exactly how you my case there is not only the Botox problem, which is very slowly improving, I had at the same time filler injected into the chin and it seems, it went into other aereas, causing uneven and bumpy skin, I hate myself, the doc and the mirror every miserable day. I decided, not to try any more attempts of improvement but just to sit the whole thing out. A wated year, three months already passed, very less improvement. But in your case, may be you too might need more time than eight months to recover, as you probably researched too, there are many victims, that not before a year or more notice some change. I wish you furthermore patience and confidence that time will be the great healer. A big hug from Germany. Smartpixie
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