21 and Struggling with the Boobs and Doctors. Eureka, CA

So my end goal is obviously to get a breast...

So my end goal is obviously to get a breast reduction. I'm 5'5", 21, and my boobs are out of control. My band size is 32-34 and my bust size is 62. There isn't really a bra size for me.

But anyways, I just got my insurance and after a conversation with my significant other, we decided this would be the best for me. I had my first visit with a doctor about it today. I had a list ready about what I have issues with. We went over it and now I have xrays to do next week and standard lab work to establish that it's nothing inside my body causing the headaches and back pain. I hope I don't get the same doctor next time though, she wasn't really excited about working with me. I hope they establish a primary care doctor for me the next time.

I'll post pictures in a follow up post but I want to keep track of every step and every word of this process.


Have you gone for more than one consult?  If you are not happy with the doctor please continue to look for another one.  This is 100% your choice who you select.  
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I have to go through a health center and the receptionist scheduled me for a saturday appointment! So I got a doctor that wanted to deal with coughing, not back pain. I should have better luck next time!
All the best with your journey. It is frustrating when the doctor doesn't seem to be sympathetic to how you feel or your situation so hopefully you will get a better doctor next time that gives you the service you deserve. I'll look forward to your next post. Good luck!
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