Just Had Rhinoplasty Today

I have wanted a rhinoplasty for years to correct...

I have wanted a rhinoplasty for years to correct my drooping tip, slight bump and just create an overall aesthetic nose. my doctor said that my results would be predictable and i would get what i asked for. I just got home and it was Very quick easy and so far painless
I had Open rhinoplasty under twilight anesthesia I was in and out in less than 4 hours and I can tell that even with the bandage on I'm going to be pleased with my results

Cast is coming off this afternoon

6 days post op I'm so ready to see my nose and get this cast off! My face feels so oily and my nose itches !

Cast off- thrilled!

I removed the tape that replaced the cast because I had to work in my daughter's class- it was intended to reduce swelling and swollen It is but I can tell that I am going to be very content with my new nose! It's so subtle and softens my face an smile so much!

Comparison pictures

10 days post op- I need some reassurance!

I feel like my nose was perfect when the cast came off and now it's almost reverting back to a slightly improved version of what it was pre-op the tip is a little longer and "droopy" again especially when smiling, the slight hump that was rasped down is raised (I'm sure it's just swelling of course)
Even though I braced myself for the changes and emotions beforehand I can't help but feel extreme disappointment and worry about how my nose appears now vs when the cast came off. I guess I am just looking for other's experiences with this that end well?

Not sure what to think

I know my nose is very swollen still it feels sort of numb and tender to the touch and my dr said that's a sign that it's still healing but it looks very different now compared to one week post. The tip droops its very pointy again and looks witchy. People who know I got a rhinoplasty have actually told me they see no difference. It's not that it's worse but it's certainly not better. I know my complaints aren't valid as my final results are not visible yet but if it doesn't return back to the look it had when cast was originally removed I will take my dr up on the free revision in a year.
Turlock Plastic Surgeon

Knowledgeable, kind and professional

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Due to the unproductive and argumentative nature of the argument ensuing here, I am closed this review to further comments for now. If you'd like to comment here in the future, please do so in a supportive manner to Prettymama, who has generously shared her story.
Oh my gosh, your results are fabulous! Thank you so much for sharing on RealSelf.
Your nose looks beautiful and your teeth are perfect! I wish mine looked liked yours :)
I've read a lot of reviews from ladies who say that most people can't notice, even when there's actually a lot of change. My doctor actually told me that no one would notice if I didn't make mention. So don't worry too much, pretty lady! From the last photos you posted, I think you look absolutely fab :)
Your nose looks very beautiful. I wouldn't listen to people who say they don't see a difference. I do see a big difference.
Your nose looks fantastic......congrats, you are very gorgeous and great facial features and beautiful teeth as well :) Btw, this is just my silly opinion, judging from the pics... You def look soooo much better without make up in your pics after surgery, and sure is hell a lot younger and fresher as well without any make up on or around your eyes.... Just a silly observation ;-)
I have the same feeling! I was sooo happy after The cast went of Now one month father ,i'm not so happy anymore, but it 's during the swelling We need to be patiente ,and That is not easy :-) but on The pict. your nose is so beautyful ,dont worry so much .
Wauw really Nice job!
Forgot to add- I had no idea where Turlock was, and I live in CA. This is an instance where I am stunned that someone wouldn't drive the hour and a half to SF or Oakland (Gruber) to find a master surgeon. I think people are really going for convenience and ease of appointments rather than finding the best possible person that they can. PLEASE PEOPLE, GO TO THE BEST DOCTORS. THIS IS YOUR FACE!!!!!!!!!!
@nycparis Wow, pretty condescending! And saying Gruber or anyone for the matter is a master surgeon or the best doctor is subjective! Some surgeons are getting up there in age and not what they once were. I know a few people personally with negative experiences with the "master surgeon" you mentioned, as well as other "master surgeons". I am not reading that she got some botch job and should have known better. I am in California as well and I DO know where Turlock is, however you don't know what she based her selection of surgeon on, so implying it is because she didn't want to travel to your idea of "the best" is pretty insulting at this point. Who's to say she DIDN'T consult or consider him/ other "master surgeons"??? And she appears to trust her primary surgeon thus far with a touch up. So don't attack her judgement. Sorry but your posts just sound rude. Don't "assume" what her surgeon did, as it could be a number of reasons why she perceives the droopiness in her tip.
I put Gruber as an example. I read on here ALL OF THE TIME how people say they don't wish to go to certain people as they are "too far". Too me, that is ridiculous. To suggest that the surgeons in Turlock would be as good as the surgeons in a major metropolitan city is laughable; you can't possible believe that. I could go through and list the surgeons in SF with good reputation, but I am sure you would take issue with that. Any surgeon can have bad patients, but wouldn't you rather start with someone who at least has a reputation of doing SOME good surgeries? God-forbid one gets cancer, are they going to to go to the best cancer hospitals they possibly can or something that is convenient for them and hope for the best? The reason for her droopy tip is that it was not overcorrected in surgery so that when swelling did subside, it would be where it should be. You can say that I am wrong, however, there is no STB on her nose and I am sure you can see that as well. I have read countless posts on here about people who chose their doctors based on silly and superfluous reasons: "he was so sweet, and his nurse was the best", "he had good prices and a good deal" (if your doc. is so good, why is he doing "specials"?, "well, he did good imaging so he must be good, right?", "it was super close to my house so it seemed like a good idea", "well, I saw one person who had a good result", "he tells me he is GREAT", "he said that he does a lot of noses like mine", "his office was SO pretty", "he could squeeze me in next week for a consult and then surged a week later", I just don't get it. This is not something you can hide e.g.. a boob job, lipo etc.
Oh, and given his credentials, I would say that Gruber would be considered a master surgeon (whether or not he is past his prime is debatable, however, I would still choose him over some doctor in a tiny little town).
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I would never go to Gruber and I'm right here in the Bay Area. Research, research, research is the key and imperative because anyone can anonymously promote (or oppose) a surgeon. Those of us that have been around a while have learned not to give credit to good marketing and one-post fake reviews, etc. I have considered Most and Kim though...both competent, in my opinion, for primaries. Honesty and integrity are extremely important to me.
I too am in San Francisco and have many friends whom are doctors and what not. I think that Gruber may be past his prime, however, one cannot take away his vast experience. I chose to get my nose done in LA as I felt that the rhino surgeons there are superior to those in the Bay. If I had done it in SF/surrounding area, I would have gone to Kim or Most for sure.
Well I know personal bad results and live 10 minutes away from him and would not consider him, so to each his own. Go talk to the girl in the revision section who had major complications. So why is some "Top Surgeon" automatically better than one you are unaware of? This poster's results so far are better than many I have seen from who you suggest. Some doctor in a tiny little town? Oakland ain't exactly Rodeo Drive. I still maintain that you come off as RUDE. To assume that great surgeons can't exist in places you are not familiar with is what I find laughable. She never said she wouldn't travel!!! So you are leaving a comment on someone's experience that has nothing to do directly with her experience or anything she has stated... instead you use assumptions and try to attack someone's judgement with it. And no, it is not always about starting with someone with critical acclaim... you might know that if you yourself have received a bad rhinoplasty. Those of us with bad rhinoplasties have a bit more insight to fake reviews, bad reviews getting deleted, etc and top doctors especially have it all monitored. Also, as someone who worked in the Oncology unit at a major hospital, comparing this to cancer treatment is laughable. A lot of cosmetic surgery boils down to marketing, whereas cancer treatment does not! In fact it is usually dependent on one's insurance, and often people not insured do have to "settle" because treatment is very costly. My point? The original poster never cited any of these presumptuous scenarios you are stating, yet you treat her as if she did because you had to google Turlock. Get real. You are not a rhinoplasty surgeon, correct? So you cannot state what is causing what she feels is undesirable about her nose. An absence of SBT does not equal a droopy tip!! Go comment on the "countless other posts" you have read with all the quotes you have listed.... I see none of those in THIS review. So it makes no sense for you to basically criticize the poster when she herself has not stated any of the crap you have. And lastly, people with bad surgeries that they can cover, are equally as devastated, so don't undermine their pain.
Lets see what you look like? You're here for a reason... too bad unattractive insides can't be fixed as well. I have been in direct contact with people who have had undesirable results from all of those doctors, so if you think it boils down to a name, well then I can't wait to see what you will end up looking like ;) In fact some of those people are here on realself and initially wrote good reviews for those surgeons until their nose showed it's true form down the line. Yet they don't list their surgeons or update their reviews to "not worth it" because they fear legal retaliation (which I myself have experienced). There is a whole side to this you have no clue about. If my doc had been one of those surgeons, I still wouldn't have listed their name, just like many others out there. So you could be going to some top surgeon with more bad reviews than you could ever imagine. I am sorry I did not jump on the bandwagon for surgeon with the most INTERNET popularity! You are sooo right. I should only believe advertisements and a list of credentials in a field where "credentials" consist of written tests, not hands-on cosmetic work, lol. My surgeon had the credentials. All those before and afters of "good" work? Ask all of those top surgeons to show you their book of their own "revisions" and "touch-ups". Guess what? They don't exist. You wouldn't want to see them. And when people see how you treat others on here, they won't let you in on the secret of the "top surgeon" who ruined your nose. They will let you find out on your own. My doc is buddies with all of your favorites, by the way. They have all fixed each other's work and my surgeon had successfully repaired nose jobs from top surgeons that left them in tears. What does that mean? Nobody is SAFE from a BAD rhinoplasty! I'm glad I did not start with some top dog, because if I had and they ruined my nose, I'd really feel hopeless.
So let's see your gorgeous result? Where's your review? All I see is you commenting on other people's profiles, "guaranteeing" certain surgeons are better than others. What are your qualifications?
Well, I am here because I find reading some things interesting. I happened to have had a fabulous primary result that I am thrilled with. I find it laughable at how people have no concept of privacy in terms of sharing photos on a public forum. My husband has a tech. company and we often joke about how crazy people are. I never suggested you should believe advertisements-- however, if you are friends with doctors and run in a certain circle, you would find people who have good, personal experiences with certain doctors. I did go to a "top dog" and you know what, they are a "top dog" for a reason. I disagree with you in re: to "nobody is safe from a bad rhino"…. About 10 of my friends have had rhinos and only one was mildly unhappy with her result.It is all about how many rhinos a doctor does per week-- it has to be at least 5-10 (it shows that he truly is busy). I am sure that Gruber was great back in the day and he takes quite a few difficult revisions. Some guy in Turlock will guaranteed be doing less rhinos/day/week than some top LA surgeon.
My qualifications are none of your business :) However, I am friends with one of the top non-rhino surgeons in SF and have decent insight as to quite a few doctors as she and I frequently discuss.
Oh, and lastly the reason her tip also droops-- aside from looking not "done" is that the surgeon did not sew the two domes together well enough or tight enough to allow for post surgery swelling.
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Your attitude is so sad. I am sorry everything is so laughable to you. If you are just here to have a good laugh at people and dish out unsolicited advice, you should kick rocks. I'd love to see your private photos of your fabulous nose. I knew people with good experiences with my surgeon, who's identity you don't even know, and he came well-regarded. I also have a family member who is very high regarded in this business who checks out the credentials of others. So everything was a green light at the time. Things happen. When I say nobody is safe from a bad rhino, it's true. Wow, 10 of your friends and most are happy? They ALL still were not safe from a bad rhino. They COULD have received bad work as all surgeons have had "failed" surgeries. You just don't always hear about them. There was a chance your surgery could have gone bad too, I don't care who did it. There's also still a chance that you will have issues down the line, like many people do several years out. A successful rhino has NOTHING to due with volume of rhinoplasties per week... in fact 5-10 can burn some surgeons out and I'd hate to be the last surgery of the day. That is one of the silliest things I have ever heard and you are just parroting generic "pointers" that people give patents looking for surgeons. I have news for you- EVERY surgeon "does 5-10 rhinoplasties" a week. In all of the surgeons I have consulted over the years, they all rattle off the same number per week, the same percentages and the same claims about how they only have had to revise a handful of primary rhinoplasties they've performed. I know more than 10 people with good rhinos, a few went to who I went to, and several others went to other surgeons. I also know many many many more that have come out of the woodwork with bad nose jobs from ALL of those surgeons, including all of the top doctors you've mentioned. Some didn't have anything wrong for a long time. There are people who churn out bad nose jobs consistently. Busy does not equal quality, sorry. Stop "guaranteeing" things. There are NO guarantees in any cosmetic procedure! There are people happy with their nose for a decade before something goes wrong as a result of the primary. And there is also such a thing as karma. So maybe go somewhere else for a "good laugh" at what people share. Maybe people will be laughing at you next. You and your husband sound like real caring people. For all we know, you just think you look amazing but maybe you actually look like a freak. So why should anyone listen to you again? If your nose was so wonderful, you'd at least have a profile pic. Is it because you are embarrassed that you hated how you looked so much that you went and got surgery? Why be so secretive sharing just photos of your nose on here? Surely people in your life know you've had work done. Why not boost your surgeon's business and at least leave a review? Since you are just here to help everyone, right? BTW- You can find reading things on here interesting without having an account, you know. I'm sorry you are not confident enough to share cropped pictures of your nose :/ Don't expect anyone to take your advice then.
Oh non-rhino surgeons! Woohoo what a joke when you are in the rhino forum. I'm family of a top surgeon and I have just as much insight. What is that supposed to mean? I also have a family member who is a private investigator and finds all of the hush-hush lawsuits on every top doc, so if you think your LA surgeon doesn't have any skeletons in his closet, you'd be wrong. They ALL do.
It's the pot calling the kettle black. Secondly, betraying private information will only serve to bite you. I have people on here all the time PRIVATELY sharing information about doctors, a concept you clearly do not grasp because you do not respect privacy. I am not talking about "unhappy patients", I am talking about ruined noses. Compromised function. Rhinoplasties that were bad no matter which way you look at them. So there is no being "smarter" all of the time, which is my point. You can't crap all over someone's choice because it would not have been yours. Some top surgeons I did not choose because I found awful horrible results, not just people that didn't like their noses. So yes, I trusted a surgeon who did noses of people I knew personally. So what. The point is, no doctor is invincible from ruining a nose. It is easy for someone who has not had their nose job yet, or someone who so far likes theirs, to say someone would have been "smarter" going to another doctor. This girl who originally posted her review still shows trust in her doctor and is not botched, so that is why I felt nycparis was wrong for coming down on her telling her she should have gone with another surgeon, she's never heard of turlock, why are people to lazy to travel, blah blah. You can have your opinion on who's post was more rude, but the point is that nycparis went off when Prettymama89 was not complaining about her surgeon... then proceeds to diagnose her "issues" and criticizes the town the doctor is from. If you advocate that, I'm not shocked because you don't show much integrity with personal information. And lastly, he IS certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery as well as the American Board of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery. The same certification as many top surgeons, such as David W Kim. So are you saying that surgeons such as him do not have acceptable certification? Good luck to you. Thankfully you outed yourself as someone nobody should share "private" information with. If I came off as attacking to nycparis, it is because I was offended at seeing someone shame another person as if they did not do the right thing just because they did not pick her idea of a perfect surgeon. And if she felt attacked, she seems like a strong enough person to tell me herself, seeing as she has had no problem addressing my questions.