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Lap Band Procedure - Erie, PA

I jhad my lap band 3 years ago and love it. It is...

I jhad my lap band 3 years ago and love it. It is a slow work in progress to lose the weight. Its taken me 3 years to get my goal and have lost 60# pounds which doesn't sound like a lot. It takes time for your body to adjust to the band being adjusted. You have a port that is filled with saline.I finally knew that feeling when it was right last year. I hadn't had a feel again till this March. I had gained 10# and knew it needed adjusted. After it was adjusted the weight came off plus I lost some more. I am 4#under the goal set by my dr and have lost54% of my excess weight. Most pt lose 45-50% of their excess weight. What I have found is I have lost the weight and it has stayed off except the weight I gained this year. But that was an easy fix.

I had the lap band because I was very unhealthy and had high blood pressure and was on 3 different meds to control it. I am now off the meds and the healthiest I've been in my life. I've also had knee replacements and there was a worry that they would have to be replaced due to the excess weight. I don't need to see that dr anymore as he feels with the weight loss my knees should last. I also got off some meds for my arthritis.

The only problem I have is severe gerd and have been trying to get that under control. I had this before my surgery. The only complication I've ever had is the current one that my band slipped. I knew right away there was a problem. I probaly wouldn't have know early on. I see the dr 2morrow to see what needs done. I think I'm going to ask him to remove all fluid in my port till after my tt and tl surgery.

Because I don't eat a lot and especially protein I have started using protein powders in my food and drinks. Its very important to be eating nutritiously at this time and to increase your protein. The protein especially will help with healing. I hope this helps. Any questions feel free to ask. I'm glad you asked

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My dr and his partner are the only ones in my city. I didn't want to try anywhere else to have this done. I wanted to be near my dr in case there were problems. The insurance paid for this and I don't remember the cost. That is why I put the figure above otherwise I couldn't post this.

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I'm sorry the appointment didn't go as planned. However, your optimism is focus on the future is inspiring.

The sleeve gastrectomy is becoming more widely used. It's more permenant than the Lap Band but not as final as the gastric bypass. I hope it serves you well. We have a few sleeve gastrectomy reviews already on RealSelf. If you'd like to read them you can do so by using this link: http://www.realself.com/sleeve-gastrectomy/reviews

If you have any questions about the sleeve procedure or anything else prior to, or after your surgery, then you can ask one of the bariatric expert surgeons who answer user questions. You can do so by using this link: http://www.realself.com/answers

If you need anything then please contact me. Please also keep us up-to-date with your sleeve gastrectomy procedure. When is your surgery scheduled for?


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Kristy I had bad news yesterday. As suspected my band has slipped. My dr. says he's only had a few do this and they don't know why this happened. Anyways it has to come out. My tt surgery had to be canceled. That was scheduled for next Friday the lap band removal is set for next Wednesday. Anyways my options were to leave it out but then I would regain my wt. Put a new band in and hopefully not have the same problems. Or to have a vertical sleeve. In this surgery they remove part of the stomach and its shaped like a banana. The pluses for this is less chance of ulcers(I aready had one) don't have to have the refills which are a pain the neck in the beginning. The only thing thats a minus is that its permanent. I decided to go with the vertical sleeve. It seems like more are being done. I've done some research on this but would also like more info. Also I have severe gerd and in my mind I would think if I had less stomach I would have less stomach acid. I haven't found anything regarding this. The only plus in all of this is that it happened before the tt otherwise it would have been a disaster. So while I'm disappointed I'm looking forward to feeling better. The dr also felt I would lose more wt. I didn't think I could but with this maybe I can lose another 30#So that is what is going on with me. I still would reccommend the lap band though. This is the first complication I've had in the 3 years I've had it. Not everyone gets complications. I believe in God and this happened for a reason. Thanks for responding.
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Hi Erie9410,

Thanks for your review. You've done a great job losing the weight and it seems to have had a huge impact on your health in general.

Please let us know how your doctors appointment goes!


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