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Be Wary of Guarantees - Englewood

Wanted to improve vision without contacts. I had...

Wanted to improve vision without contacts. I had Lasik done approximately 10 years ago with a guarantee for free touchups. When I called his office, this past summer, regarding blurry vision I was first told by his office they didn't guarantee. When I finally convinced her to pull my chart she said oh yes I see you had it done when it was guaranteed. Well, sorry we don't do Lasik anymore and you cant' do PRK after Lasik. His website advertises he does do Lasik still. They just don't want to honor their promises.


Disappointing to hear that they offered you a guarantee and even though it is in your file, won't honor it.
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Denver Ophthalmologist

I do not recomend my Dr. Avoid. Not reputable.

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