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I had a tattoo only 2-3 week ago, as soon as it...

I had a tattoo only 2-3 week ago, as soon as it was on i hated it! I rushed into it and made a massive mistake. The work i had done on my wrist is amazing he did a great job but they just look far too big for my wrist. He also did it free hand so wasnt 100% how big it was going to be until he started. My own fault i know!! But were all human and make silly mistakes! So i decided to go for laser. Ive only had 1 treatment so far but my goooosh does it hurt!! Lol. I also have another tattoo i plan to remove that i got at the age of 15!

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Fingers crossed the pain is worth it!! :D

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Im in the same exact situation as you tattoo too big for my tiny wrist, how is the fading going?

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My tattoo has faded after 1 treatment! So lets hope it carries on in this direction with future treatments! X
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Yep i saw fading :) its a slow long process, but i just keep thinking do i want to see a bandage and fading for a year or so or do i want to look at tattoos for the rest of my life?? Definately bandages and fading :) x
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You have a great outlook!! Hoping the treatments go as fast as possible for you!! Please keep us posted on how it is going. :)

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You are exactly right that we all make silly mistakes from time to time. I'm glad you see that and aren't being hard on yourself.

Did you see much fade in the tattoo after the first treatment?

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