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I had the gastric band fitted in november 2007....

i had the gastric band fitted in november 2007. this was not an easy option. However, it has been the best decision i have ever had.

i first tried every diet, pill, exercise, slimming clubs and changes in lifestyle but nothing shifted my excess weight. i cannot say having the band was the easy route to losing weight as there are other things i needed to understand. such as this was going to be permanent and my life style would have to change completely. no more big family feasts, take aways and party buffets. i had to learn to eat very carefully such as chew forever and eat very little.

my journey has not been easy as it is hard to change 40 plus years of eating habits. but it has been definately worth it. i look and feel younger. my family are proud of my achievement and i no longer feel i am embarrassing them with how i look. i lost 10 stone in 2 years and i have been trying to maintain my weight on the third year.

my only adice i would give to anyone having this procedure is to make sure you can refrain from chocolate, biscuits and pastries. if these are the foods that caused your weight gain in the first place than you may want to consider illiminating these bad habits firstly as the band does not stop you eating as much of this as you want. so the weight wont leave. my bad habits were bread, savoury foods, curries, cheese, etc so the band was ideal for me.
my mood changed at the flip of a switch. its so difficult to watch others wining and dining at parties and im sat there with my little saucer. i geuss i was feeling sorry for myself but trust me it is worth it. you will need positive support from family and friends. (not the ones who bring you chocolate because they feel sorry for you). or the ones who say you took the easy road to losing weight because they do not have a clue what they are on about.

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he was extremely patient with me and put me at ease with the process.

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I have spent many years dieting and yes put the weight back and more. Well after lots of reserch I am now booked in for having a band fitted,must say Im worried that as the last ditch to rid me of this extra weight Icarry round with me and I hope it works for me as it has done for you x
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Thankyou for sharing your storey, I would love to see pics?
I am considering having surgery but very worried I will be left with loads of excess skin and horrid scars?
Im currently 5,2 ft and weigh 17,6 stone.
A UK dress size of 20-22 and Im 25yrs old with two children, I cant do anything with them as Im afraid I'll embarass them.

Well done on all your hard work, Im glad you think its worth it!
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Hi Jenna,

Are you in the UK also? Almost every WLS procedure, including the Lap Band, is done laparoscopically now. This means they make 2 or 3 tiny little entry points, which usually get closed with only a single stitch. This really cuts down on scars.

Have you talked to a doctor yet? According to the stats you gave above, your BMI is approximately 45.2. Anything over 30 is obese and anything over 40 is usually classed as morbidly obese, which means you, in technical terms, become a candidate for WLS.

The first step is speaking to your GP and getting them to make a referral to a bariatric doctor.

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Hi Maggie,

Thanks for sharing your journey with us. You deserve every success you've had. I hope you're recovering well from your tummy tuck surgery. I'm excited to see your before/after pics!


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Well done I have admiration for you and I am just about to go down the same road. I want to look and feel good again! Years of being overweight have shot my joints and I am in pain. I know there will be good and bad days but hey thats life!!! Thanks for the advice.
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thanks odewinks. you will be so glad you did it. my joints were excactly the same. knees, hips and lower back were worse. i dont suffer from any of it now.. good luck with your procedure. let me know how you get on. i will be here to support you. you are right about taking the bad days with the good but the good certainly out weighs it all.
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Thanks so much for sharing your story, Maggie. It sounds like you've worked really hard to get where you are -- congrats on your success. :)

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thank you sharon. i have now had a tummy tack to get rid of the excess skin. i am 4 weeks post op. i will be happy to post before and after pics. i need to go around the famiy for the before ones as i threw all mine out. everytime i seen myself i could see the sadness in my eyes. it upset me too much to look at them. i wish everyone all the best who have had or considering these procedures. they are definately life changing.
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