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Lips Are Uneven Cant See my Teeth !! - England

I got juvederm on my upper lip 2 weeks ago, they...

I got juvederm on my upper lip 2 weeks ago, they looked great for the first 3 days the suddenly i realised my smile was awfully crooked ! i cant see my teeth on my right side and my laughing line vanished .. my left side is perfect however my right side just decided "fall" it seems heavier and look horrible when i smile now. im so depressed over it i went to go see my doctor today she injected a tiny bit more to my upper right to correct the unevenness however nothing has changed my smile is still crooked and i it has not gone back to normal or lifted my lip. what shall i do should i just go back and get it all dissolved !!

I wanted to know if my smile will ever come back...

i wanted to know if my smile will ever come back again.. why are my lips covering my teeth on my right side and why has my laugh line faded and is forced with a weird arrow wen i smile its been 2 weeks shouldnt the swelling have gone by now !! i posted a pic

hey shh88

i think its better to wait for a while and if it didnt get better like after a month or so then try getting it dissolved and also ive read some bad stuff about that enzyme they use to dissolve it not sure though so just be carefull :)

Hi shh88,

I perform juvederm injections on daily basis. The good news is that juvederm is not permanent and will eventually dissolve on its own. Looking at your picture, I am more concerned about your left side rather then the right. Have you seen your doctor for a follow up visit? The lump on your upper left lip should be massaged to smooth out the lump that I see.
Juvederm is a great product for lips and the smoothest, it all depends who does it for you and their experience with it. How are you doing now? Did you go back to dissolve some of it?

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Hi shh,

Welcome to the Juvederm community. Oh, my I'm so sorry this has happened to you. At least it is not permanent. Are you going to have the Juvederm dissolved or just wait it out? Please keep us updated.

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because she ruined my smile

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