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I've hated my nose for a few years now, I feel...

I've hated my nose for a few years now, I feel it's too big for my face and wish it was cuter and less bulbous.
I have my first consultation on Tuesday in London with Dr Bassim Matti.
I'm really concerned about having work done to my face in case it goes wrong, so searching for a skilled surgeon in the Uk.
Im 26 and so self conscious of my looks :(

Anyway will keep you all updated of how my first consultations goes!


Sorry for the long delay in posting an update. I went to see Dr Matti about 3 weeks ago and he told me my nose only needed tweaking, and refining a little. I felt very comfortable with him, and thought he was very honest with me. Here are some images he created.

What could be...

These are images of how it would look. I will go back to him to tweak these even more..

2nd consultation

I'm going to see the same surgeon on Tuesday for 2nd consultation. So nervous / excited as from this I will hopefully set a date... That's if I don't chicken out!
I think on the images he produced the after looks a little too pointy, so I'm going to discuss this with him. I want it a little less pronounced.
Will let you know how it goes :)


I have had some lovely email from Realself readers about my nose. And I have taken on board everyone's comments. I have also had close family and friends tell me my nose is fine. But seriously I hate it.
I have uploaded some pics of it here where it just looks too big for my fairly small face.
I'm not wanting a big change to my nose. Just refining.
I saw the Dr yesterday and he said it would be 'Finesse' Rhinoplasty, which is just refinement.
I hope you all don't think I'm shallow, its just its becoming a huge issue for me. All I think about is my nose...its driving me nuts and I've become obsessed with it.
I feel like I will be much more happier with my appearance if my nose is a little smaller.

my nose now

Too big and clumsy for my face!

Not long now :)

I'm having my surgery 7th of Feb! Starting to get excited :)

I did it!

So I had my surgery on the 7th of Feb. I had my cast off on Friday and it is so swollen and sore right now. Even thought it is swollen, it is a cuter nose I think....
I will post some pics once the swelling has decreased a little more.
I can't really Judge it properly yet, and just need to be patient as it's one 9 days since I had the operation :)

2 weeks post op

2 weeks post op :)

Bump on bridge

Love my new nose, but I do have a small bump on the bridge. Near the top. I didn't have the bone touched, only had tip rhino. The bump is hard so I doubt it's swelling? Will this go? I'm 3 weeks post op today.


Bump getting bigger ?

One month post op, really happy with how my nose is refining, but undo think the bump is getting bigger. I never noticed I had a bump before the op.
Still love the new nose though :)

1month post


No point is saying I told you so.
I do regert my nose job.

Its been a 13 months since primary, and I did have to have revision in Sept (7 months ago)) as I developed a bump.

I now hate my nose. Even more than before.
It made me so ill will depression. I wouldn't leave the house, terrible thoughts.

I think about it everyday. I have ruined my face and my happiness.

I didn't want to put anything on here as I knew I would be swamped with people saying I told you so.....

I now have a skinny nose, too small for my face. It looks pinched, I have a dent on one side. and it look TOO defined.
Overall I feel it looks fake and operated on... exactly what I didn't want.

I am getting CBT to help me see positively, my first session is on the 9th April.

I hope that helps.

Well that's my update!


This is my new nose. Which I cannot stand.
Even uploading these pics makes me feel sick.

Since the revision

As you all know Im really unhappy with the result of my revision surgery. I feel my nose looks 'Done' and unnatural, Doesn't suit my face at all. Not only that it has left me with a dent in the middle. on the side with out the mole!
Scared to have surgery - but has anyoe had fillers in their nose? Im wondering if this will help solve that issue.???


Honest Opinion needed!!

I really need to know if I have ruined my face and my nose.
As per my pics I posted yesterday, would someone tell me if Im going crazy or not?

I think its worse than before - but people around me think its fine.
Am I being silly, it the change as dramatic as I think it is?

I just want to know if this is all in my head, and if my nose is OK?

Pictures from different angles as promised.

Some one asked me to,post pics of my nose now from diff angles.
I am getting therapy now.
Today's been a bad day, but I hope I learn to live with this new nose and my regrets.

Now :(

I dont even feel like me anymore.

Thank you

I just wanted to thank everyone for the lovely messages.
I don't want people to think I'm fishing for complements, I genuinely just want the truth from people. I just needed to know if I had made a mistake and that my old nose suited me more.
Everyone around me is making out that I'm going
Mad, Which is why I almost want someone to say
'yes you are right, your old nose was better and you aren't going crazy'.
I haven't really had that response which I guess is nice, but it does mean I need to learn to get along with it and to stop scrutinising it every day. This is my nose now... I can't get back the one I was born with.
I'm working to rebuild my confidence... Which will be very very hard.
But thank you to everyone. I do mean it.

Im leaving Realself

Hi all!

I just wanted to say, I think giving the state of mind that I'm in at the moment, Its probably best I leave this site.
The people who have commented have been amazing - but I just keep finding myself look back at the old photos and I'm torturing myself with the regret - which isn't helping me get over it.
I cant have any more surgery or I'll make even more of a mess.

But thank you to everyone for their lovely supportive comments. Genuinely I appreciate everything you have done for me.

I don't think surgery is for everyone. I have definitely learned from this.. I SHOULD HAVE LISTENED!!

Take care


I cant do it.

I cant stop obsessing over it. Im really struggling.
The dent on the on the one side seems to be getting worse every day, but thouse around me say its not.
Are they just saying it to make me feel better?
I know what I see and I never had the dent before. All I keep feeling is regret.
This nose job has ruined my life.


So as you all know, I hate my nose since having revision. So I am going to see if he will put some filler in it for me.
He only uses temporary filler.
Has anyone had fillers??

Yep.. Another update from me.

Everyone must be getting sick of me writing on here every week. But as a lot of you know, I'm really struggling with the effects the rhinoplastys have had on me emotionally.
It's the BIGGEST regret of my entire life. I cannot stand to see my own reflection. I know some of the photos probably don't look that bad, but they seem to mask the bumps/dents that are there in real life.

At the time I was wanting rhino, I completely thought my nose was too big and ugly. Looking back at my photos now, it was perfect for me. It was smooth, symmetrical and nicely balanced. I wish the surgeon told me not to touch it.
But I was adamant I wanted it smaller.
Now it's smaller, I wish nothing more that to have my old 'normal' nose back.
I won't hardly leave the house anymore. I don't go shopping, out to the cinema I've stopped living my life and doing what I loved.
I cry everyday about what I've done and i spent all my savings on something that's made me hate myself.
I cannot see one positive thing that I've achieved having the surgerys. Nothing. I know and can openly admits, it was much better before.
I have to live with this now.... But honestly I don't know how.

And I don't know how the hell Im going to bring up a baby feeling this bad about myself and my appearance.
I can't see a way out, but can't carry on like this.

This isn't pregnancy hormones. I've been like this since October and it's only getting worse as the swelling goes down in my nose.

Im urging anyone who only wants a refinement surgery, not to go through with it. I have more issues with my nose now than I ever did. I have a dent and a small bump on the one side of my nose and I can't breath as well. All for the sake of a smaller nose, which doesn't even suit me!

I've added some more before and after pics, so you can see how refinement surgery was not worth it for me... Only made me look worse.

Still struggling

I'm still struggling to be satisfied with my nose. I'm not blaming my surgeon at all. He does want to help me.
However, I do think I shouldn't have messed with surgery - I didn't need it.
I don't feel it has improved my looks at all. I'm more self conscious than I've ever been. I feel my face was fine before surgery,.. But I only recognise this now, and it's too late!
I think my nose is collapsing on the left ( side without the mole).
There's deep creases and a dent... What do you think ?

What are these big creases on the side of my nose?

These deep creases on the side of my nose ( side without the mole) are getting worse.. What are they?


These are the before photos , as requested.
Id love to have this nose back :(


I can't beleive how different it looks from the morph.
If I'd known it was going to look so different, I'd never have touched my nose.
Theses photos make me so sad.

How risky is a 3rd operation?

So I'm thinking of having a 2nd revision (3rd Op)

The dent on my nose is getting worse. I cant live with this nose I have now, as its making my life miserable.
I 100% regret having surgery as it has not improved my appearance what so ever.
I feel so silly I've done this.
I am not blaming my surgeon at all, as I know we cannot control how we heal.
But I just cant stand looking in the mirror anymore. I don't feel pretty, and I've lost so much confidence.
I really don't know what to do, whether to have another revision or not - what If it comes out worse?
The most annoying thing is that I paid all my savings for that operation. And its not turned out as I hoped. I feel like I only have one more chance to fix this... or live with something I'm unhappy with.

It's getting worse

Look at the state of it now?! It's definitely getting worse.
My surgeon told me he would do a third surgery for free and put a graft in. but I cant risk it.
What the hell is happening to it?

The tip is caving in on one side .

I'm absolutely devestated. I've gone from having a good
nose , which I shouldn't have touched, to a nice nose after primary.. To a total mess after revision.
Some of The responses from people on here are making out I'm going crazy.
But just look at the photos. It's clear that the operations have made no improvement to my nose or face what so ever! I've ruined it. Completely ruined it.

No Refund

Doesn't look like I'm getting far with the refund from the surgeon. No replies to my email where I refused the 3rd surgery which he suggested I have - free of charge!
I don't think I should risk another op so far. My nose is already ruined.

I don't feel like I'm living at the moment... just existing.
I know that sounds dramatic, but it's true.

I just feel like I look fake... with a pinched nose. I don't want to go anywhere, or when I do Im just riddled with insecurity's and thoughts of regret.

Its looking more and more pinched by the day.

I'd give anything to get my original nose back. I don't know why my boyfriend is still with me, I look a mess and Im miserable to be around. Rhinoplasty has taken everything from me.
I'm due a baby in 2 months, which I feel I can't even get prop
CBT isn't working for me.

The problem isn't in my head... the problem is in the centre of my face!

Reviews on Dr Basim Matti

So since I have been really unhappy with my primary and revision, I've decided not to go ahead with Dr Matti to have a 3rd Surgery with him to fix the dent. I have being doing some research and found so many bad reviews for him.
It appears there are a lot of unhappy Matti patients out there.

When I was looking into rhinoplasty I did do my research and I thought he was one of the best in London!
So frustrating. Why did I not realise this before. I will be persistent in getting my refund. He can't leave me like this?

He has ruined everything. And taken way all of my confidence.

I don't seem to be getting very hel

Bad to worse

Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse.
I noticed not long after revision a hard lump on my tip. Or like the tip is splitting into x2. Well it's also getting worse.
The whole nose is deteriorating and Dr Matti isn't even getting in touch with me.
I'm completely devestated and heartbroken.
My once perfect nose is a COMPLETE DISASTER. He doesn't seem to care. Just offers me more surgery.
London Plastic Surgeon

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