Unhappy with my Nose...- England- I did it!!!

I've hated my nose for a few years now, I feel...

I've hated my nose for a few years now, I feel it's too big for my face and wish it was cuter and less bulbous.
I have my first consultation on Tuesday in London with Dr Bassim Matti.
I'm really concerned about having work done to my face in case it goes wrong, so searching for a skilled surgeon in the Uk.
Im 26 and so self conscious of my looks :(

Anyway will keep you all updated of how my first consultations goes!


Sorry for the long delay in posting an update. I went to see Dr Matti about 3 weeks ago and he told me my nose only needed tweaking, and refining a little. I felt very comfortable with him, and thought he was very honest with me. Here are some images he created.

What could be...

These are images of how it would look. I will go back to him to tweak these even more..

2nd consultation

I'm going to see the same surgeon on Tuesday for 2nd consultation. So nervous / excited as from this I will hopefully set a date... That's if I don't chicken out!
I think on the images he produced the after looks a little too pointy, so I'm going to discuss this with him. I want it a little less pronounced.
Will let you know how it goes :)


I have had some lovely email from Realself readers about my nose. And I have taken on board everyone's comments. I have also had close family and friends tell me my nose is fine. But seriously I hate it.
I have uploaded some pics of it here where it just looks too big for my fairly small face.
I'm not wanting a big change to my nose. Just refining.
I saw the Dr yesterday and he said it would be 'Finesse' Rhinoplasty, which is just refinement.
I hope you all don't think I'm shallow, its just its becoming a huge issue for me. All I think about is my nose...its driving me nuts and I've become obsessed with it.
I feel like I will be much more happier with my appearance if my nose is a little smaller.

my nose now

Too big and clumsy for my face!

Not long now :)

I'm having my surgery 7th of Feb! Starting to get excited :)

I did it!

So I had my surgery on the 7th of Feb. I had my cast off on Friday and it is so swollen and sore right now. Even thought it is swollen, it is a cuter nose I think....
I will post some pics once the swelling has decreased a little more.
I can't really Judge it properly yet, and just need to be patient as it's one 9 days since I had the operation :)

2 weeks post op

2 weeks post op :)

Bump on bridge

Love my new nose, but I do have a small bump on the bridge. Near the top. I didn't have the bone touched, only had tip rhino. The bump is hard so I doubt it's swelling? Will this go? I'm 3 weeks post op today.


Bump getting bigger ?

One month post op, really happy with how my nose is refining, but undo think the bump is getting bigger. I never noticed I had a bump before the op.
Still love the new nose though :)

1month post

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Thanks for posting your story. I'm 27 and have been self conscious about my nose for years. I've finally decided to have some surgery but it is very hard finding a surgeon butt Matti looks like he has done a great job. It would be great if you could share some recent pictures. Thanks.
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Please update with pictures if possible? Pretty sure he's left me with the same little bump so was wondering if it ever went away? xx
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I can't believe I've read so many posts regarding this apparently it's a very common thing from what I've been reason kmax how's ur nose healing u got any recent pix x
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I've updated now, it's horribly swollen at the moment x
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I had surgery with Matti and too had a bump left on my nose!
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Hi, what did you decide to do about the bump. Has the bump gone now or did you ask your consultant if this was normal. x
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Same -___-
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Hi Thinking of booking a consultation with BM. Glad to hear you are happy with your results. Would be great to see some before and after of his wrk if you are willing to share?
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Lovely to read your story. You nose is changing over the weeks very much. Do you feel happy with your new nose now. I think it's very cute:-)
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Hi jiggly puff. It's been 11 weeks since surgery, I too have quite a large lump on my nose and have been told it will go down. Given this is the only thing I asked to be done, fingers crossed. You're new nose looks fab and you can hardly see the lump at all. X
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Glad that you're happy and healing nicely. Thanks for keeping us updated. You look great! Whew!
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I am due to have surgery with BM in July. I have not told my mum yet as she will tell me I am mad. Have always wanted to do this so by 40 I think it is time.
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STOP looking at it! And let it heal... Things can become an obsession! Your nose is perfect and will be even more so once healed.. Get away from the mirror go out and have fun
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After my first rhinoplasy my bump wasn't removed all the way. You may need another surgery if you want it gone completely.
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I'm glad you did what you wanted, I don't think you needed counseling at all. My friends don't understand why I want a little plastic surgery. Everyone is there own worst critic if you feel prettier and have more self esteem now what is wrong with that? I'm glad your initial heal time was easy! I had rhinoplasty about a decade ago now and I remember the throat irritation but I was taking painkillers. I plan on getting a revision soon and don't want to take the pain meds. Do you think it's possible for it to be done?
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STOP looking at it! And let it heal... Things can become an obsession! Your nose is perfect and will be even more so once healed.. Get away from the mirror go out and have fun
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Thank you! So many people said I needed counselling! I'm completely sane, and so happy ingot it done. I didn't rush into it, took me a few yrs to finally go ahead. I didn't take any pain meds at all, so yes it can be done :)
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Yeah you're right, it does become an obsession. Crazy! Thanks for the comment :)
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You just need to relax.. You are pretty so enjoy it! ;)
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Ps: a lot of sane people go on counselling... It's society that can get crazy and sometimes we find ourself focusing on something so much that it becomes unhealthy.. Counselling can help people realising that. X
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Get away from the mirror go out and have fun. These are wonderful words. One month, I think that my nose is too big, the next month I fear that my hair is falling out! The next month I think that my hair is falling out probably due the stress of thinking my nose is too big. The next month I forget about everything and have fun - the cycle continues. So best thing to do is get away from the mirror and have fun. People will always find a way to make you feel bad. And by the way, your very beautiful before and after.
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Seriously I can't see the bump till I zoom right into the pic and specifically look for it your only two weeks post op and yr nose is still changing and will do for the first year so be patient x it looks amazing already
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Thank you :) need to stop looking and thinking about it and let it heal! Xx
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It looks very subtle and natural. You must be very pleased :). I'm in tomorrow. Wish me luck as soooo scared xxxx
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Good luck :) but I know you will be fine :) xxx
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