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Dark Circles Better Than the Aftermath of Juvederm - England

I had juverderm in August 2010 in my tear troughs....

I had juverderm in August 2010 in my tear troughs. I was left with a broken blood vessel and a swollen, black eye for 4 weeks immediately after the fillers and then the tyndall effect and lumpiness which made me appear to still have a black eye. After 6 months and 5 seperate hyaluronidase injections I am only just back to normal. I wish I had never had the procedure done and had left my face alone. I would strongly urge anyone thinking about it, to have a re-think. The photos from my sons naming day in September are awful and act as a constant reminder to me that injecting into your eye area is a real gamble. Never have I been so glad to see my dark cirlces back again!

Hi England,

Welcome to the Juvederm community. I'm so sorry you had to deal with all that for so long, especially at your sons naming ceremony. How are you doing today? Please keep us updated. Thank you so much for your review.



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