Scarring Nipple Lift Unhappy with Before and After - England, AR

Scarring is terrible - is this a normal level of...

Scarring is terrible - is this a normal level of scarring after my procedure & 1st revision?

Unhappy with size & shape of breasts after surgery I don't see a significant change for the better

Discussed 340 & 380 cc's came out with 245 & 260 cc I think there isn't much difference

My ps used vicryl dissolvable stitches on both procedures healing took over 3 month on each occasion


I'm sorry you're going through this. That looks like a lot of scarring. Have you been prone to keloids or excessive scarring in the past?

You might want to also post this as a question to doctors in the Q&A community. Go here to do that and please include your photos.

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