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This is my 3rd dr.office attending for...

this is my 3rd dr.office attending for endermologie. it's worked all 3 times. i love my results. i naturally workout 5 days a week cardio,weight train and drink plenty of water also i have a clean diet. on endermologie days i make sure i do at least 30 mins of cardio. my cellulite was every bad. i mean probably the worst you ever seen. now my legs are smooth and almost cellulite free. i saw big results after my 4th treatment, but this varies from patient to patient.

eat clean, drink at least 8 glasses of water, and do cardio 30mins 3 times a week.oh and don't be scared of a little pain i am on level 10. you will see results. i wish i had the pics to show the dramatic change.

gerald truesdale (nc) dr. swanson (fl)

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any update? did your cellulite come back after you stopped treatment?
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Could you provide pics to support your statement? I would like to see as this will prob help me and others to make decisions on getting this type of treatment, I am sure. thanks
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Doesn't the intensive treatment cause broken capillaries and spider veins?
I don't care how {clean} someone's diet is or how much water they drink to plump up their skin, cellulite is hereditar y and inevitable due to the skins lack of collagen in aging. Have you even seen the difference between and Hispanic woman's skin and a Polish woman's?

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i want to know if the endormologie really works , im not about to invest money on something thats not worth it, please theres a lot of thumbs up thumbs down..whats the skinny on this !!! helpp
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Did yo do endermologie only or did you do it in combo with mesotherapy at Dr. Swanson's office?
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Thanks 9542anon,

Working out and eating healthy is great advice, but as you said sometimes you can't stop genetics. ;)  So glad your procedures went so well. You had 4 treatments you said, are you going back for more? The reason I ask is because 6316anon continues to go back because they say it is making their thighs thiner, I was wondering if you had the same effect.  Do you have a picture of how you look now, just so we can see results?


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