Endermologie Was Too Painful

Had endermologie treatments (a vacuum procudure on...

Had endermologie treatments (a vacuum procudure on my thighs) described as minimally painful but it was extremely painful!  It did absolutely no good at all - nada!

Would suck the muscles of my thighs into the vacuum and the pain was all I could stand as she dragged the vacuum down to my knees. I kept thinking - "I must be out of my mind to be doing this".

I would not have this done again!

I live in NLR too. Where did you have this done?
Inexperienced endermologie technician. Did you make sure he/she was licensed? Endermologie is extremely adjustable to each patient based on needs, tolerance and current state of the tissue. It is meant to stimulate and not damage the tissue. I wish you were closer to LA, I would be happy to show you how the treatment should feel. I have been doing this for over 7 years... It is normal though to feel a little sore after the treatment, just like you do after working out. But only in the beginning.
all ill say is endo is not designed for pain the suction was up to high, it is not ment to be painfull at all as you tense musscles subconsciously therefor it cant suck up skin properly.
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