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I was terrified to get Restalyne injected in my...

I was terrified to get Restalyne injected in my tear troughs. I had a nose job & juvederm under my eyes 13 months prior and was bruised for 5 months at least. No joke! It was awful!
But after a year, my eye bags were so bad, I couldn't stand it.
Went to a diff PS & he & his staff were so kind. Not one bruise! Swollen the day after but that's it. No bruise, no probs, NO BAGS!! I hope these results last & the Restalyne doesn't settle too much more. I love the way I look again. At least 5 years younger if not more.
There are so many horror stories on here. I hope this helps someone. Because all I seemed to find were tales of what went wrong. Thankfully, my experience was a breeze & hopefully yours will be too.
Note : it's painful & it felt like the needle was hitting my cheekbone. But results are great - from day one.


Thanks for sharing your story.  Finding the right injector is pretty important, glad you found one you liked and who gave you such good results.  Do you mind explaining how you went about finding yours?  I know it would be super helpful to anyone considering this.  Would love to see your results if you are comfortable sharing some pictures!

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Hello!! Thank you for sharing your experiences with hylouronic acid filler. When considering fillers in the face, it is important research the product and the common side effects that can occur. It is very important to choose a PS or a Dermatologist that has alot of experience with fillers. It is an art and there are specific techniques that result in amazing results. But is also important to understand that bruising is a common side effect after injectables. If a patient is taking aspirin, vitamin E, omega 3 or any other substances that thin the blood, the chances of bruising increase. Of course in most cases bruising is a very common side effect and can be treated with arnica. Long term bruising can be caused by inproper application. But in my opinion it is safe with natural long term results.
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