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Very Pleased W Lifting, Tightening, and Improved Texture

It has only been 4 days since I had one session of...

It has only been 4 days since I had one session of sublative rejuvenation. I wanted to get this done to lift the skin under my chin. along my jaw line, and improve signs of aging around my eyes. While it's only been 4 days I can already see a difference. I will update in the next few weeks

Hi, my mom just got charged $3100 for 4 sessions at the Pleasanton laser clinic. Has anyone seen results with scars?
Hi ,I had 2 ematrix sessions one in January ,one in Feb and my next one is scheduled next week . And I couldn't see any improve$memnt at all neither on acne scars nor skin tightening . The week that follows the treatment skin looks great glowy and improved and then 1 month later I am back to what I had before any treatment. I was treated on C level (64dots) . Anyone who had good results ?
hi , do have any updates concerning ematrix ? did you do more sessions ?
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