Had my Flanks and Stomach Done - Ellicott City, MD

Four weeks out and no difference. No pain...but...

Four weeks out and no difference. No pain...but can't feel anything in my stomach or flank area. Even the top of my legs are completely numb. When they did one of my flanks the suction slipped off after 33 minutes and they made me pay an extra $100.00 and said it was my fault.

Seriously... I didn't move at all so they turned the suction up to 65. Really... no difference. I am 5ft2, 100 lbs and have a pretty noticable muffin top and little bulge on my gut. Still there... every bit of it.

Hi Summer, welcome and thanks for sharing your experience with us. I haven't had CoolSculpting myself, but I have read that it can take a few months for the results to come through. Did your doctor advise you of when you should start to see results?


Well I am now close to 7 weeks out and still have...

Well I am now close to 7 weeks out and still have complete numbness in my flanks, stomach and the top of my legs. I have seen no change and my stomach actually looks much, much larger. I have lost two pounds and weigh 98 but my stomach looks similar to the big blob it looked like after they took the suction cup off (before massaging it down). I will take pics and post. I am not happy right now that I paid any money for this and feel like if my stomach stays this large I'll have to have a tummy tuck. I am still willing to wait a few more weeks but so far...not happy:(
I'm going to have to agree with Callmeapril Summer01... you are very tiny and somehow think you need a tummy tuck? This procedure is meant for people that actually have extra "flub", which you do not. I just had this done on my lower abdomen and flanks (2nd time on lower abdomen, 1st time on flanks) and am 1 month out from my first procedure. I, however, am 5'2 130 lbs, petite but have a "pooch" and a little muffin tops. I'm surprised your doctor actually said you were a good candidate for this procedure because you have to be able to pinch a certain amount for it to even do anything. Good luck to you and hopefully someday you can look in the mirror and realize a 98 person will never need a tummy tuck or lipo.
I had the same experience as Summer01, my stomach seems to be larger and harder almost 3 mos post cool sculpting. My abdomin now has a slight cone shape similar to when cool sculpting head is first removed and I now have a permanent indentation or outline of the suction head. It is not a figment of my imagination because my boyfriend can see it as well. I would not do it again.
Callmeapril76: Ouch! No need to be hostile. We all see things on our body that we don't like. Me included. I am just posting my experience...nothing else.
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