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My two upper incisors were a little of colour and...

My two upper incisors were a little of colour and my dentist talked me into getting veneers which looked great for about 3 months before they started discolouring to an almost brown colour. The dentist blamed it on what I ate and drank so I took him to court and was awarded a refund. My teeth are still ruined. What sort of people are dentists? why are they allowed to lie and destroy people teeth. Stay away from them unless you have pain and be wary of there sales pitches while having that addressed

I couldn't agree more. I'm on my second set of veneers (6 done each time) and spent a fortune with one of the best cosmetic dentists. But like you, I agree! No one should ever get veneers unless it's medically necessary (broken tooth). I first got them done unknowingly at a young age out of vanity reasons, and then I had to get them redone due injury. Veneers are by far the worst mistake anyone could ever make. There is nothing prettier and healthier than natural teeth. Veneers are expensive, irreversible damage and even the best looking veneers still look fake.
I notice that the comments where people spent less than average cost for veneers were the ones that vote for a poor experience. You get what you pay for, especially with Dental care.
Steve, I would like to do the same, but cannot afford a lawyer. I did a full mouth...I'm screwed forever! TEETH SENSITIVITY, COLOR DISCOLORATION AND SPACING. HELP!!!111
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