"Help Need to Swap Surgery Date".

Hey ladies I am new to this site and I recently...

Hey ladies I am new to this site and I recently found out I was awarded a new position at work. I can not miss any days for 3 months and I really want this position cause it is a move up in company. I have a surgery date for April 21 2014 with Dr. Mosies Salama I know it is only like a month and week away and it is really cutting it close but thought I would give this a shot. I would like to know if any ladies have a August or September date that they would like to swap with me please let me know if anyone can help thanks.
Congrats and good luck!
My surgery is for Oct.31 let me know if you want to swap ! (:
Yes I wanna swap with you thank you! thank you! thank you! My birthday is actually November 1st so that would be the best birthday present I ever had. I was really worried about my job situation once again thank you I will give all my info so you can contact me but you can email at elcwrit@gmail.com we can discuss everything and contact surgery center and let them know about us swapping the dates thanks Audge4212.
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