Elite Lipo Dissolve

I did it because I work out and diet but I cannot...

I did it because I work out and diet but I cannot lose these areas of fat called love handles. I had 3 treatments done to this area. I had minimal discomfort for about 3days after my treatments. I have lost about 4inches with the 3 treatments and it looks much better contoured than before. I would recommend it to anyone looking to lose the stubborn fat.

I had it done in Cornelius, North Carolina. I did a consultation with my Physician Assistant who was going to perform the treatments. She was very nice, professional, and well educated about this procedure. She answered all my questions. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a better contoured body, just make sure the person doing the treatments has done a lot of these procedures and knows what they are talking about. I went to this other franchise company in the area and was very disappointed with the consultation as well as the price.

Yuvan Medspa, Cornelius, NC

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How much did you weigh before?
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who is the doctor? do you have pictures?
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wow I am really considering this now thank you
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What physicians assistant and doctor did you see? I am very interested in having this procedure done & would like to see someone well versed who does a good job & is resonably priced. Thank you!
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