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Artefill Injections Under the Eyes - Elgin, IL

The artefill under the eyes looks awful! It...

The artefill under the eyes looks awful! It balled up and created divets under each eye and eye bags after about 3-4 months. As time went on it looks worse and worse, NOT better and better like they told me. To correct the problem we tried 2 steroid injections and they did not help that much. Then she injected Expressions into both tear troughs since she said that I just didn't have enough filler. It still looks bad and the divets are still there. They shouldn't have used Artefill under my eye at all! The Expressions that was used was injected into the wrong areas I think with the wrong amount injected. This has been a nightmare that has been going in since March!


doctors are the only people allowed to legally place a filler like artefill in the usa. also, protocol is to use a temporary filler first to see if they're pleased with the result. all fillers are, aside from any natural collagen production they may produce, are 'liquid implants.' and not everyone is happy with the 'feel' of the material in their skin, though the cosmetic effect, when done right, is fine.
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artefill is not supposed to be used below the eyes. the skin there is too thin. for artefill to work, it needs to be placed very deeply within the skin. a HA fille rlike juvaderm is what's used. it has an added benefit in it promotes the body's own natural collagen production within the skin too. medical papers that have come out the past few years have microscopy of controlled study patients using HA (juvaderm) and an inert filler prove it. you can find them if you google, 'collagen production and HA fillers', etc. you may want to advise your doctor to look at this: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3544257/ which outlines treatment of bumps from long lasting PMMA fillers with allopurinol, a (now generic) drug used for treating kidney stones, i believe.
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Sorry to hear you are having such a bad experience.  Had you tried a temporary filler like Juvederm before committing to a more permanent filler first to see how it would look?  If I were you I'd go to a different plastic surgeon for another opinion on what can be done.

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Bella Vie

Liked her a lot for botox, really bad for the filler. Many other professionals in the field would NEVER inject Artefill under the eyes.

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