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On 9/18/08 I had Elevess injected into the lines...

On 9/18/08 I had Elevess injected into the lines above and below my lips to get rid of the lines (I would be happy with the lines again if I only knew!).  The area above my lips got puffy and lumpy immediately.  I was told to massage it but have found out from several sources that you should not massage the gel.  As a result, the gel moved into my upper lip.

Now my lip is swollen looking along with it being puffed out above the lip. I have also noticed recently some red/purplish discoloration at some of the injection sites.

The lumpiness and puffiness is finally starting to subside and hopefully I will look normal again very soon.  I also hope the discoloration goes away.

Definitely, NOT worth it.

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Some doctors think because they are MD's that they can open facilities that do these kinds of procedures. And, they simply are not well enough informed or educated in the proper process of doing these types of procedures. I would like to protect any others from having this kind of experience.

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