I was injected with Elevess from at an office...

I was injected with Elevess from at an office where I typically use an HA type of filler. I had a reaction to the product..drastic swelling in areas that were not even injected.
Apparently, the product is not indicated for people with sulfa allergies (allergies to those in red wine). How would I know if I'm allergic to sulfites? I've never reacted to any wine at all!!!
And the product does not require an allergy test!
I was very scared by the reaction...but I think my doctor more even more surprised and concerned!

I wished I had read this a day earlier...ugh. I had my upper lip done to help with some small winkles and my lips swelled so badly that I can not leave the house. It has been over 24 hrs and still really bad. Praying it is not what others on here have experienced. I will report back and I would never get this again...way to scary.
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