Is This Normal? Please Help! First Blue Peel - El Paso, TX

I had my first blue peel yesterday and not sure if...

I had my first blue peel yesterday and not sure if it was worthy. I have had so much going on w/ my face. i had invested so much money and emotional on all this. I had the fraxel and so far no good results it gave hyperpigmentation to areas that were clear before. Like mentioned before had my first peel yesterday and the lady popped some of my acne. I have some brownish areas that weren't there before And mostly to were she poked. My face feels so sensitive right now. It hurst to touch. Very dry and still stings.I need your advice is this normal will it clear?? I also had a dermabrasion w blue peel

Not sure.

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a have a blue peel april 11 but my melasma got wors
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Hell Would you give me advice that i hasitate to use my obagi blue peel Since i realize about potential side effects from the Obagi bluepeel. I had a laser treatment on my face 6months ago but it did not work and my face become very sensitive and sometimes feel sting. I was refered by a lady and had a consultant and met a doctor of course paid for the obagi a month ago with checking any Reviewers comment. I feally too anxious to start..... What can i do
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Sorry about wrong spelling. It should be hello.....
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Again another wrong spelling Without checking all review comments.
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Did you read my review? I guess it depends on what the reason is for getting the peel. I wanted it mainly for the brown spots on my face, but while some of the lighter ones are gone, the majority look pretty much the same as before and there was no effect on wrinkling what so ever (I actually think it's worse.) You need to be prepared for a long (10 - 12 days) downtime, although it could take less, and my skin actually looked worse for a few months after. I really think my skin was too sensitive for the peel. I also think age is probably a factor as I am 60. Good luck with your decision!
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Thank you for starting your review with us on RealSelf.  I have attached a link to some Q&A's which will help answer some of your questions.  

But you do need to give it some healing time.  

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