Too Much Juvederm - El Paso, TX

I had juvederm put on my eye troughs, laugh lines...

I had juvederm put on my eye troughs, laugh lines and nasal folds. Big mistake. Never have it done on the eye troughts. I had to go to a naturopathic doctor because I don't want anything else injected to dissolve the juvederm as it can leave it worse.

The naturopathic doctor told me to take a natural enzyme (vitamin) called serrepeptase in theurapetic form which is 6 capsules per day. And bamboo silica (9 capsules per day) which also dissolves anything in your body FAST. I am taking them and I will never inject anything else in my body again.
I learned my lesson.

Hi El Paso,

Welcome to the community and thanks for the review. How is everything going with the vitamins and the dissolving of the Juvederm? Please keep us updated.



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Never let a doctor inject ANYTHING into your eye troughs.

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