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Juvederm for Under-eye Hollows

I am one day post-injections. I made sure to go...

I am one day post-injections. I made sure to go to a reputable plastic surgeon who was experienced in these specific types of injections.

He used numbing cream under the eyes. The injections to the left eye were bearable. For whatever reason, the right eye hurt more, and I had more swelling there. However, I was immediately happy with the results. I thought I may have to wear my glasses to work today to hide any bruising or swelling, but I'm here in my contacts. There are a few small spots where injections were made and minor swelling, more under the right eye than left. No bruising. Before and after pictures show a hughe difference. I am 35.

Also have had Juvederm twice previously. First time was lips only, very pleased. Second time was nasolabial folds and lips, great results again. Juvederm lasts for a long time with me, over a year.

UPDATE:Minor bruising showed 4 days post-injection...


Minor bruising showed 4 days post-injection.  They looked like faded bruises where they were at the point of healing.  I used makeup to cover, but my sister asked if I had been losing sleep.  Lasted about five days.  Not a bad experience.  Will definitely do again!

hi! How it is since 2010? Did it wear off? did you go back? any infos would be very appreciated! thank you!!
No, I did not. I was sure to not take ibuprofen. Next time I am going to take Arnica just as a precaution.
It's been since 2009?? How are you now?? Still pleased or do you need to go back?? what are the changes like and how are you now??

any info appreciated!!

Dr. Dale Reynolds

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