Breast Implants For a Mother of 2 - El Paso, TX

Im a mother of 2 beautiful kids, went back to my...

Im a mother of 2 beautiful kids, went back to my shape but im unhappy with my breast they dont look the same as before they got smaller, I know body changes after having babies but I feel something is missing from my body. Im 5'3, 135lbs, size of breast like Acup planing to get 450 or 475cc want to be Full D or DD

thanks for the advise.
Be sure you comment this with your surgeon, he will be able to give you the best advice. I like to use the Vectra 3D system with my patients so they can see what different breast implants will look like in their body before the augmentation. My last advice is that you make sure your surgeon is Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons. Frank Agullo, MD.
it is exiting but the same time im a little nervous:). at the beginning of my consultation iI decided 450cc. but today that iI went to sign my concent iI change up my mind between 475cc and 500cc. iI know that iI have to be proportion with something that goes with my body but iI dont want to regret it after that they might be to small but at the same time im a little nervous they might look big but hope everything comes out ok...
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online plus friends of mine are clients from clinic

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