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My consult was about a month ago and I had my...

My consult was about a month ago and I had my surgery yesterday. The personnel in the Plastics department were professional and supportive. The group who I saw yesterday as they prepared me for surgery were wonderful, too.

The methods they used to bind and seal the wounds seems to be helping immensely with the pain this morning. I feel like I have a fifty pound vice wrapped around my chest, so the only thing I feel is pressure and a little burning sensation around the incisions.

My ability to answer if it was worth it or not is probably limited at the moment. However, I can say my shoulders feel better this morning and I do not feel like I am carrying all my weight on my back. Anyone in a situation where they are feeling back pain or shoulder stiffness from your breasts that is causing headaches, this is problem something to consider.

Best wishes.

William Beaumont Army Medical Center

For a military service the customer service side of the house from the Plastic's department was wonderful. The consult was provided from neurosurgery and I was seen within a couple of weeks and the appointment for the surgery was set for four weeks later. Many time services from the military can be frustrating, but this was a very positive experience and the COL doing the surgery was very informative and easy to work with.

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You had your done at WBAMC, my PCM send me off post for mine so I will be having mine done at Las Palmas. I am nervouse as can be.
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Ask your PS if you receive surgi-bras. I went home in one, with an extra that was part of the price. I stayed overnight by choice only because I live alone, but I was actually fine right after the surgery. No pain. Don't look to buy "cheap" bras - you need something very comfy, and supportive. If you don't get them from the PS, buy a few and bring them w/you - the doctor can decide which to put you in. The very best of luck to you!!
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Thank you! This an awesome insight since we both probably have the same surgeon.Oh by the way did they give you any bras after the surgert or?? I'm not sure if I should go out and grab a few cheap bras or not. And did you leave the same day? once again thanks :)
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WBAMC Plastics provides you with a surgical bra. They will want you to wear it for at least two weeks and then suggest that you wear sports bras without underwires for four-six weeks beyond that for incisions to heal. The surgeon and his team will tell you not to buy bras for at least six weeks. I did leave the same day. Some of it will depend on how you do with the anesthesia and how you are feeling. They may use vacuum seals on your incisions which help the healing process, they were not bothersome and came off at the post op appointment.
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Hi - Glad the surgery went well. Just be careful about doing too much. I'm glad to hear you went to have your nails done! Let someone else drive neighbors were so kind - drove me to the doctor, etc. You will be pleased with the results...and remember to ask for your before and after case you forgot the "before!"
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My husband has drove me everywhere since the surgery. I did take a short drive down the block this evening by myself, but nothing further than a five minute round trip. Mobility is really good and I have found the post-surgical bra the hospital provided has the best support at this time. I swapped it out for about an hour while putting it through the wash for a sports bra, which was supportive, but not as tight. Right now the tightness provided from the post surgery bra is more comfortable to me and helps me not notice some of the post surgery soreness.
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They used an anchor cut to reposition the nipples and heighten the level of my breasts. He used three layers of dissolvable stitching to close the wounds, which he covered with this vacuum seal equipment that is suppose to help promote healing. Thursday the drugs had me pretty out of it. Friday, I spent a lot of time in and out of sleep and was able to move around a little. I still felt pretty woosy and weak when trying to move around, so stayed pretty immobile. This morning (Saturday) I have run out to the store with a friend and am preparing to go to the salon to have my nails done. I am sore, but feel good. I will continue to take it easy and am looking forward to my post op when they take off the vaccuum seals.
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Very nice:)  I am happy you are feeling so well.

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Welcome to RealSelf and congratulations on getting through the procedure.  Thank you for sharing your journey with us and I look forward to following your posts.

What methods did they use to bind and seal the wounds?  I would be interested in hearing more about that.  

For now all you need to do is rest and take good care of yourself.   I am sure you are going to feel like a completely new woman when you are all healed.  

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