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My copay was 375. I had it done almost two years...

My copay was 375. I had it done almost two years ago now... and haven't regretted it. Because of my age and other health issues, I did/do have a lot of loose skin, and the surgeries for that are more expensive for me and have been less comfortable because of the size of the incisions.

I don't regret a day of it. I'm healthier, happier, look great in my clothes (and want to WEAR nice things now). I spend time in the gym, am more active with my kids, and get out of the house more and have a better social life.

I have to be careful to balance my foods carefully (yes, even this far out) due to after meal blood sugar drops, but it's really just a healthy eating plan.

Del Sol

I was up and out of bed 15 minutes after getting out of the recovery room and walking around the ward. It was over all a very easy surgery for me, and I find that's generally a good measure of the surgeon.

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Thanks for your review. You look really great. If you don't mind me asking, how much weight have you lost since having WLS? Have you found the change in eating habits difficult?

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