Not Worth It and It Did Not Work-El Dorado Hills, CA

I had 8 treatments under my arms and the bikini...

I had 8 treatments under my arms and the bikini line, it did not work and it didn't even reduce the amount of hair. The doctor just kept saying more treatments! No thanks I spent enough money!

California Family Fitness, Folsom, CA

It didn't work!

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Sorry to hear you had a questionable result. Please post your skin type? Pale? Very Pale, Pale with beige tint, Light Brown or dark skinned. After that, knowing which Lasers was used (Alexandrite 755nm, Diode 810nm or Nd:Yag 1064nm). I can tell you if you received the prior guidelines to achieve maximum result. The choice of Lasers and the settings (energy) used, will help determine if you were treated right.
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Hi Sacramento,

Thanks for joining the community. It sounds like it wasn't that it didn't work it maybe the hair was just in between the growth cycles, but here is some more info on the topic from our expert Q&A. Please keep me updated.



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