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When Will This Pain Go??!! - Egypt

I am a 47 female and just had a tummy tuck and arm...

I am a 47 female and just had a tummy tuck and arm lift last Monday.. The doctor removed 6kg from my tummy and 4 from my upper arms (2 from each side).. I am happy i did it, but currently in so much pain.. I can't get off the bed on my own.. My kids have to pull me a bit.. Does anyone know when will this pain get better?
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I am 13 days post-op and MOST of the pain is gone. But I used Percocet (don't know what they call it in Egypt...it is oxycodone with Tylenol, if that helps) for the first 6 to 7 days and when I would forget to take it I could not get off a chair or into bed. Now I can get by without any pain meds but I still take 650 mg of Tylenol (called acetaminophen, if that helps) to ensure I do not limit my movements because of pain. I hope this helps. Your plastic surgeon could prescribe the right pain meds which would speed up your progress soooo much! Good luck, welcome to the support group. They're wonderful people.
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Thanks a lot for your support. It is the only thing that keeps me going till now
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It takes a long time to have all pain go away. i am two months out and i still have some pain. the results so far have bee great however i agree that it improves a lot after week one.
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It gets better after the first week. My day 8 was the turning point. Each day after was easier. The first week I wasn't sure I had made the right decision. I'm 3 months out and extremely happy.
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