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I had a translucent liposuction, 4 weeks ago...

i had a translucent liposuction, 4 weeks ago. inner,outer thighs.and arms.

i still have lumps and bumps in my arms, and when i put my arm high, i feel like stretching things inside around the triceps area. is it normal. and the places where there are bumps and lumps,i still feel like the anastesia feeling,when i touch that area, i don't feel it as the other areas.will it go,and disappear by time ???the places that i don't feel on the skin?


I had my arms done 2weeks ago and have the same feeling. It's like a tight knot or muscle pain when you work out to hard. I was told to stretch just to the point of pain but not over do it. My numbness has started to leave now too. But it kinda hurts now. The skin has a weird tingle feeling now comparable to a sunburn. I think its normal though. Best of luck to you.
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Hi Reizi -- Welcome to RealSelf. I'm sorry to hear about the trouble you're having with lumps. You may want to also post your question on our Doctor Q&A Forum for some expert opinions.

Good luck and please keep us updated on your progress.

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he wasn't that acurate

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