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Am Positive About This - Egypt

Ive had four sessions so far on my love handles...

ive had four sessions so far on my love handles and very big stomach,my doctor pricks the needles so fast she doesnt give me a chance to feel scared beforehand,the results r slow but it definitely does work.

after the first session i had flu like symptoms then later nothing,just a burning sore feeling for a day,i usually have loose stools the same evening and go to the bathroom alot but things smooth down after the first session.

my doctor has explained to me that all this accumulation of stubborn fat takes time to melt,she explained to me the breaking down n softening process in detail.

i did get 3 big painful lumps after the first session but my doc was fine about it n said they would fade away and they have.u have to work with the doctor too,u cant stuff urself and not exercise a little,my doc makes me hold in my stomach muscles at least 1 thousand times a day,while sitting,standing,10 at a time.

it does work and will update my progress,my next session is at the end of november,so will get back n let u all know.


dear rush! i'm looking for a mesotherapist in cairo too. can u plz send me the doctor's name? or the center? email me: ****************@*****.com thank you!

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did u find a good mesotherapist yet in cairo ? am considering it and I want a good dr
someone please tell me the name of this doctor as I am going to Egypt next month and I am looking for a good doctor. Thanks
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Name not provided

make sure ur doctor is experienced in this field,my doc has done meso on her daughters handles and are happy with the results

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