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I've been researching on laser removal , and i had...

i've been researching on laser removal , and i had this offer , which i want to know is it good or not, so plz help!
i am scheduled to work on IPL or Diode machine ( which is better? ) they said i will need from 6 to 8 sessions , 50% of hair will be reduced after 1st session, and the rest of the hair will be reduced with the rest of the treatment with an average rate of reduction of 5 to 10 % per session , so is it a good offer or not ?
also i am supposed to have 3 sessions on shock therapy , and the rest of the session will need a time range of 6 to 10 weeks between each session, so is this ok, or hair might grow again ?
also i need to know which machine should i use the IPL or Diode ?

NO IPL! it's not a laser. If you are on any meds or having any other treatments, you need to see a very experience laser practitioner, pass on whatever this place is, for them to even ever use IPL on hair means they're quacks.
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