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Disappointed is what I was! After child birth and...

Disappointed is what I was! After child birth and a radical hysterectomy the skin in my abdomen area was less then tight. I had been working out, eating right, etc., but the skin on my tummy wasn’t improving. This procedure was suggested, however, I wasn’t aware of the 1/3 rule. A 1/3 will have great results, 1/3 will have average to below average results and 1/3 will show no results at all. Guess which group I feel into! I think there is better equipment out there now and wouldn't recommend this at all!

I was required to take serious pain killers for the procedure which meant I had to arrange for someone else to drive & pick me up.

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I'm not interested in mentioning names. As I don't think the Doctor is to blame. I do think his staff however should of told me about the success rate or/ lack there of.

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Well he did say that there was a possibility that it might not work for my skin type. Also I now understand that they've introduced a new machine which might change things So I went in hopeful but not under any misconception of my issue being resolved. I have to say going on the web site I did get my hopes up!

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I could see how you would go wanting it to work. I'd probably do the same. Sorry it didn't work. Are you going to have anything else done for this "problem?"

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Hi Ack,

Welcome to the Thermage community. Have you gone back and asked your doctor why you happen to be in the 1/3 group that you are in? That's no fun it didn't work as you had hoped. Are you planing on having another procedure to eliminate this problem area? Please keep us updated.

Thanks so much for the review,


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Hi Britt!

In response to your question, I was told by the Dr. that it was due to my skin type. I have very delicate skin (thin) and it doesn't respond well to this type of treatment.

I have spoken with other MD's and have been told the same thing.

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Hmm, well at least you know why it didn't work. To bad they could not have told you that before you had it done. Thanks for the update,


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