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It Was Alittle Painful for the First Day, but Its Already Looking Alot Better - Edmonton, AB

The pain was alright, felt like taking a hot...

The pain was alright, felt like taking a hot shower then putting vapor rub on your face, a hot and cold feeling. The first day I ended up taking something for the pain because it just made it real irritated. Its day two now and I just look red and my skin feels tight.

I have some light acne scars( not deep scars) and laugh lines and wanted my pores smaller.

I purchased the Mixto Laser and have to admit now that I read many testimonials and saw some pictures, I am very scared to have the treatment done! I am scheduled to have the procedure on Friday, but I am thinking of cancelling. There are some nightmare stories out there! How is your face now 5 days following the treatment? The doctor told me that I would be good to go back to work within three days. That's not what some of the pics show!

HI joseespooner,

Welcome to the MiXto Laser community. I'm glad it turned out well. How's everything feeling today, still good? Did it make the acne scars go away? Please keep us updated and if you are comfortable sharing pictures we would love to see them. Please keep us updated.

Thanks so much for the review,


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