Am Hopeful That This Will Be a Good Experience and I Can Put All my Foundations Away!! - Edmonton, AB

I have bad pigmentation from sun damage, and when...

I have bad pigmentation from sun damage, and when I had my last son, I got a horrible pregnancy mask that never went away... For 5 years, I have been wearing a facial tanner to "try" to even out my face... But it didnt and I just clogged my pores ... Bad... So anyways, I Had a micro first then IPL and it was great... But today I went for one and my face looks HORRIBLE .. I am freaked out.... It's bumpy and massive brown!! She went over areas 2 times!! I hope this evens out... Plus I have burn marks on jaw line as I have a real tan there ( I tan my body, not face).... I am worried about that being a different color... Yikes,,, definetly down time , didn't realize that.... But if after a few weeks this goes away,,,, I will be so happy to look in the mirror again ,,,,, without worrying about all the hiding I used to do!!


I'm sorry you are feeling scared. :( I know a lot of people mention in their reviews that they look pretty bad after, but it can be hard to gauge what exactly "bad" means to different people. You could post a question in the Q&A section with pictures of the marks on your jawline so the board certified doctors who volunteer on here can share their opinion with you about it.

As for the breaking out, here is a Q&A that might be helpful to you:

Breakout After Photofacial

Hope that helps some!!

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My goodness, it sounds like you are really dealing with a lot to try to get your skin evened out. I really hope this works well for you. Is your skin peeling now?

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Hi Megan,,,
No peeling yet!! The marks are the shape of egg noodles all on my jaw line... And bad circles on cheek...
My pores are huge!!!! I hope this gets better.... I am so scared... Do you know if it is normal to break out after as well?
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