I'm Glad I Didn't Get Braces - Edmonton, Alberta

I loved it!! It was the best way to fix my teeth....

I loved it!! It was the best way to fix my teeth. None of my friends noticed and it made me feel like a princess! It was cheaper then braces and i could pay it over time. I didn't have to pay it up front, my dentist let me pay it monthly. The only thing i didn't like was having to take it off every time i wanted to eat but i could live through that. It was also good because i didn't have to brush my teeth extra long or floss a lot. I recommended it to all of my friends. I felt no pain at all and it was so simple to put on and take off. I could eat all the foods i wanted. I didn't have to take home a list of foods i can't eat. I can't imagine having to not be able to eat caramel for a couple of years, that would SUCK!!

My children are definitely going to need cosmetic dentistry. I am glad to hear that you had such success and satisfaction with invisalign. I am sure that everyone will use invisalign in the future! -Oceana, Edmonton

Hi Liz,

Welcome to the Invisalign community. That's awesome you had such a great experience and with no pain makes it extra great. How long do/did you have to wear them? Please keep us updated.

Thanks so much for the review,


dear Britt
I had my invisalign for i think just over two years,two years with no pain on my teeth!

Thank you for such a nice comment!

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