Skin REdarkening After 25% TCA Chemical Peel - Edmonton, AB

Hello, My underarms have been stubbornly dark for...


My underarms have been stubbornly dark for a very long time and almost nothing (lemon juice, potato, hydroquinone whitening products) has helped. I bought the 25% chemical peel by Yavonae Skin Pharmaceuticals to try peeling it. I performed the peel on my underarms on the 10th of July 2014. The skin peeled off as the instructions described, albeit slightly delayed and not all the areas I applied it on. I'm pretty sure I didn't apply enough of the solution. About three days after I peeled it, it went back to the same colour! I did it on my knees and a couple of old scars and it worked very well, with no visible redarkening, but those areas will definitely need at least 3-5 sessions. About 4 days ago I re-applied the peel, with a few more layers, to my underarms since they fully healed. Yesterday a patch about the size of a large coin peeled off, and I was pleased that it worked much better than the first time and the peeling was much deeper. Today, there is more peeling but there is a considerable difference in the skin tone of yesterday's peel area and today's; yesterday's looks slightly darker, while today's is the colour of my normal, non-pigmented skin. I'm worried that the skin is already returning to its old colour within a day. And now that I'm sure I applied the solution properly I have nothing else to blame it on. Does anyone have any idea as to why this is happening?
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Where did you purchase the peel? Thx
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I bought it on Amazon. x
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Thx. Have you tried Alpha Hydrox Spotlight Skin Lightener? Its very inexpensive $10 at ulta. Its 10% glycolic and 2 % Hydroquinone. I just started using it under my arm. I've used it twice a week for 3 wks now and I'm seeing a little improvement. I have very sensitive skin so I'm surprise it has irritated my skin. It's meant to be used 2x a day but I don't think I'm going to do that. I apply at night and wash it off in the morning.
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