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Not Sure Just had it done 2 days ago,my lower...

Not Sure Just had it done 2 days ago,my lower abdomen. I felt the suction and a big of the freezing. The whole procedure lasted an hour. When I left the freezing last for only 15 min.

I'm very bruised on my lower abdomen but not having any sensations like others are mentioning. Hope it was worth it I'm booked for a second one.

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What were your final results for this ?
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Thks for that comment, I will ask them about the setting.
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This was done in a spa with no Doctor, yet they have a Droctor listed at their spa.
They said that I would feel tightness for a few days.That has not happened
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Have you contacted them to ask about your (lack of) tightness? Maybe they need to change the setting or how aggressively they go about it for the next treatment?

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Hi there, thanks for sharing your experience with us. Did your doctor give you any indication of what you should be feeling and noticing this soon after the procedure?

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