Soooo Excited for my Boobies!! Hope Everything Turns out Ok! -Edmonton, AB

I have wanted my breasts done for some time now,...

I have wanted my breasts done for some time now, since I was 15. I am now 24 years old, and finally going to go through with it!! I lost about 30 lbs when I was 18 years old, and then gained and lost more. This has left my 34 C cup, saggy with a lot of extra skin. I am 5'7 and 128 or so lbs. By the time I go for my surgery on June 5th, I hope to be 120 lbs.

I have went for 3 consultations and finally chose Dr. Campbell based on seeing his work on two of my gfs, as well as his demeanour and how informative he was when I seen him for the consultation. He really put me at ease, and understood the goal I have in mind. I am going with a full lift as well as high profile silicone implants under the muscle. He said I would need a minimum of 420 CC's in order to achieve the look I want. I'm hoping to have very full breasts up top that sit high and are perky. I've had saggy droopy breasts for so long that I want the complete opposite! 34 DD would be my perfect size! I am going to go for my second consult to decide the exact size within the month. Right now I am going to test out sizing using the rice bag technique. I'm leaning towards 500 CC's. One thing I am worried about is the fact my plastic surgeon isn't requiring me to go for blood work etc before the surgery. Is this normal? Also the scarring from having a full lift, how has everyone handled the healing of the scarring? What sorts of creams etc did you use to limit the amount if scarring there was. I really hope mine aren't so noticeable after some time :(

I have been reading the reviews of all you ladies on this site for the past year. I have gotten lots of informative tips and tricks. It's good to read all of this stuff and see pictures before hand. Puts me more at ease. I will be doing updates throughout my journey, any help is appreciated!


Lots of luck to you! My surgeon isn't requiring blood work, after the nurse took my medical history. They said it was because I am healthy and have a very clean history. So i wouldn't worry!
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Thank you! Glad to hear that :)
My dr is having me do blood work before my surgery on the 18th of march. Not sure if its the norm or not but I have to.
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Dr. Campbell

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