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On a diet pre op and looking forward to my tummy...

On a diet pre op and looking forward to my tummy tuck amd lipo on the 15th. However starting to get a little nervous. Hope it gives me the desired look i really want .

I have waited 12years for this aftet having had 8 childten and my last child caused me to get itp. This caused major problems as my body was killing otself and after major surgery and righting a will coz they thought i might die i pulled through. Lucky . Years passed and due to the steroids i put a lot of weight on . trying to get someone to operatews ompossible cos i got no immune system and my platelets were very bad but years passed and after my spleanectomy they became better. So now i cam get what i want and my dr seems great. He going to do the tuck with some body sculpyure and then some lipo to my thighs so heres hoping. My hubby over the moon fore . Well got my pre op on the 8th at the spire hospital edinburgh so will update you all when i kmow more wish me luck. Cheers

Hi june66... How did you getting on? I came home today. K x
Yes me to but im sore

Welcome to RealSelf June66.

Wow your body has been put through the wringer:)    I am happy to hear that your immune system is better and that you are feeling good again.  That must have been a tough process to go through.

Wishing you all the luck in the world and we will be waiting to read your updates.  You will do just beautifully and soon have a new tummy.

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