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I have 4 children and have spent most of my 20s...

I have 4 children and have spent most of my 20s stretching my skin carrying babies !
When I hit 30 I decided to change my life and try and regain my body back!
After a successful diet I lost 40 lbs but couldn't get rid off and was still wearing clothes 2 sizes too big in the hope of disguising the overhang left from 3 c sections !
I decided to book a consultation about a tummy tuck and had the consultation on 21st September
The consultant said I was an ideal candidate and I booked my surgery for the 2nd November
I am v nervous about the recovery , I have my fiancé taking holiday for a week and after that my mum will move in to help me with the kids etc whilst I recover
I am getting married on the 31st December so I do hope recovery isn't too bad , however I am only having a handful of guests and a very intimate family only ceremony so it shouldn't matter too much
Hope to hear from fellow tummy tuckers and will keep you all up to date z


Hello! Hope your doing okay with recovery process. Im in UK, having TT on 15th November. Have you got any tips???? x
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Hi sorry I've not updated my review but been sorta out of it since I had my op ! I'm on day 8 now and turned a corner in that its much less sore etc My main tip would be don't expect too much from yourself, it is a pretty mammoth op so give yourself a realistic timeframe of when you will feel better! I naively assumed I'd be virtually back to normal in a few days lol Make sure you are able to take pretty much to bed for the first week or 2 x
I had lipo and mr too which I think make it much worse - despite it all I'd have it again tomorrow ! X
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