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TT with Lipo and a Breast Lift 6/14/10

I had a TT with lipo to the flanks and thighs and...

I had a TT with lipo to the flanks and thighs and a breast lift on June 14th. The first three days were the hardest. I had issues with extreme nausea and was vomiting the night of day 2 post-op. I am almost 2 weeks out and am a feeling much better. I am a little worried because the dox said that this is the week to watch for fluid under the skin. I'm pretty sure I have some so am worried for my doc appt. on Tuesday cuz he'll have to get the flud out with a needle. Anyone else experience this? A seroma I believe it's called?

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My doctor made me feel very comfortable from the consultation through recovery visits. He went the extra mile to make sure I was feeling good!

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Congrats on your surgery! I would love to hear more as you progress through your healing. I am considering exactly what you had done - and am thinking of having the surgery in the Twin Cities (I'm from a small town with one PS.) I also have problems with nausea and vomiting with surgery - that's part of why I haven't had a TT yet. I would love to know who your PS is and if you have pics to share. Good luck with your next doc appt!! Let us know how you make out.
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Glad you are feeling better. I have finally scheduled my TT for Sept. 8. After 2 c-sections, gaining and losing 60 lbs., my tummy is a disaster. I have maintined my weight for 5 yrs, work-out regularly, eat healthy, done having children (done w/ menopause) - am a young 53! I am having an Extended TT w/ Liposuction (Abs, Waist & Hip Rolls), Liposuction (Hips & Circumferential Thighs). My biggest worry and fear is nausea and vomiting. I have had surgeries before and have vomited everytime, except once. Did you know that you had issues w/ nausea and vomiting before your surgery, and if so, did you tell your PS and anesthesiologist about it? I am from Mpls., and hoping you might share more of your experience w/ me and perhaps provide me w/ your PS name. Thanks much!
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That does sound like a seroma. But do connect with your surgeon on this. Here's what some doctors on RealSelf have to say about seromas after tummy tuck with lipo.

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